Friday, 12 April 2013

Msc BIM Management

It is official now! No, not just the course itself. Some of you would have already heard about this course (that I am going to mention below) but what is official is "BIM Management" as oppose to "Information Management". Ok, this should be enough to provoke your thoughts on lovely Friday afternoon. 

Middlesex University has launched a brand new course called MSC in BIM Management, starting from Oct2013. It is a part-time distance learning course so you can do this while you are doing your day job of Information Management!-;)

I think this is the first BIM course that focuses mainly on management of BIM whereas other courses out there in the UK are more either mixed bag of BIM/Design Management/Construction Management etc or not touching upon management aspect of BIM at all.

"BIM is a process involving the structured sharing and coordination of digital information about a building project throughout its entire lifecycle, from design through procurement and construction and beyond, into the operation and management stage, all the way through to demolishment.

As a direct response to this industry need, we have developed this course which aims to produce practitioners with a qualification to be BIM enabled in their discipline with a critical awareness of contemporary BIM issues informed by technology, research and management skills in standard and unpredictable scenarios.

Importantly, the course provides practitioners in the property and construction sector, and related stakeholders providing services for it, with a qualification to be employed in a management role in BIM projects. These include technical BIM management positions, operational/administrative BIM management positions, and strategic BIM management positions."

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