Friday, 5 April 2013

4D BIM Case Study

I have been swamped with so many new/exciting things in my work life since I joined my new employer that I hardly get time to share my BIM thoughts with the community. But the good news is that those busy days are over so you should get regular BIM commentary from me. 

Some exciting stuff is coming (including some Revit BOLT-ONS that I was planning to release in Dec 2012)  but today I am going to start with my last week's BIM experience.

I was fortunate to attend the first ever RICS BIM Conference in Scotland on 26th March 2013. The event was a smaller version of RICS BIM National event held in February 2013 in London but the values/objectives were similar to that of any other UK BIM event; that is to raise awareness, learn from project BIM experiences and build your BIM network in Scotland region.

We presented our 4D BIM case study on the largest hospital project on site in the UK, New South Glasgow Hospital. This BIM case study is one of the many lonely/partial BIM case studies out there where project participants used "Lonely BIM" for their own benefits. The whole day was full of collaborative BIM talks so it was kind of a change! for the audience to see how "Lonely BIM" could benefit on such a large project.

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Here is the full presentation in a video mode for your reference. Apology for no audio in the movie.
Hope you enjoy and learn something from it. As usual, feel free to drop your comments.

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  1. Hi Rahul, cool vid. Makes me feel less lonely in my lonely BIM :)
    Looking forward some other great post.