Friday, 21 December 2012

Is BIM for me? and Who Benefits from BIM?

BIM is for everyone in AECO industry and everyone benefits from BIM(full stop).

I came across this question recently on an on line forum and thought share following slides with my blog readers. Feel free to drop your thoughts here.

Courtesy: Alan Edgar

Courtesy: Alan Edgar

Courtesy: Erin Hoffer

Monday, 10 December 2012

BIM ROI and LOE - Part 2

I wrote a blog post back in Oct 2012 about BIM ROI and LOE (Level Of Engagement). Two months later, I find this idea published in the latest McGrawHill Construction SmartMarket Report: The Business Value of BIM in North America 2012.

I didn't know that the SmartMarket team is reading my blog and would steal my idea!-;)

Looking at the report it is evident by their survey that BIM ROI is closely linked with Level Of Engagement from everyone in your company.

"This analysis demonstrates the powerful relationship between ROI and a company's level of BIM engagement, quantifying the rewards of greater BIM experience, skill and implementation levels."

Download full report from HERE

AU2012 Summary

I realize I am a little bit late on this one, mainly because AU2012 was so excellent (and full of information) that it took me almost a week or over to go through my 'phase-1' filtering of information.

Hats off to my talented friend Shaun Farrell, who was blogging live from AU2012.If you haven't seen his AU2012 blog posts then I highly recommend visiting his blog.

For my AU2012 summary, I have captured it in pictures in a document attached with this post, link below. I highlighted key slides from each classes I attended as key takeaways for me. As others mentioned, the key message was the future is in the cloud!

Download my AU2012 summary HERE.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Trimble/Bentley Raises Their BIM Game

Trimble and Bentley announces strategic alliance to enable intelligent positioning on site, and potentially more!

"Trimble's Provisioning of the Connected Work Site and Bentley's Provisioning of Virtual Positioning Leverages 3D Precision for Construction and Operations Quality, Efficiency, and Safety...Intelligent positioning now enables these engineering models to be real-time and real-place referenced, from and into mobile devices in the field, through immersive environments from both Bentley and Trimble. Users piloting the integration of physical positioning from Trimble with virtual positioning from Bentley, facilitated by information mobility innovations, have identified significant savings of time and money, and continue to uncover new benefit cases."

This is a big news from BIM/VDC point of view. Many of us have been thinking about this idea of linking positioning with BIM models etc. In fact I attended couple of classes at AU2012 where they showcased some examples of digital layout etc. This new partnership/solution would enable digital layout in more intelligent way. I am quite excited by this new partnership and looking forward to explore this further.

Read full announcement HERE.