Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Door From and To Value in Schedule - Free Revit Tool

***Update - 04/06/2013 : This app is packaged into BOLT-ONS so will not be updated as a standalone app anymore. Please use BOLT-ONS instead to access this command.

I have seen some users asking this query on the internet. Currently, Revit does not update Door's From/To room information in a door schedule if you flip door in the plan view. However, there is a work around to deal with this. Please see Steve Stafford's recent post about this work around.

This behavior is intentional. However if you want to update all doors from/to room information automatically then use the following tool.

***Update 24/06/2013: Visit DOWNLOAD page to download this tool.


  1. This is a great little tool. Well done. Any chance of getting it up and running for Revit 2013 by Web update 1?


  2. Thanks Brian. Revit 2013 version has been added here and under Download page.

  3. Hello,

    I get the following error message when I try to run the tool in Revit Architecture 2012:
    "The target instance does not exist in the given phase."
    Do you have any idea why it happens or how I could fix it?

  4. Alexandre, Apology for the delay in responding to your query. Sounds like this app is scanning doors in all phases and if you have a some doors in a phase which is off then it gives this error msg. Can you please try this app in a file with OOTB Revit phases and all doors on current phase and let me know the outcome? This will help me invenstigate this error.

  5. Hi Rahul,
    I am having a problem with this tool on 3 out of 4 project models on a large hospital project where we have been asked to schedule/number doors using room numbers.

    Basically goes through the process says that all doors have been "updated" however when I review the door schedule it shows that the correction of to room data has not occured.
    Do you have any ideas why some models and a test file I setup works while the other models do not?
    Could it be a case of some default setting within the model causing an issue?
    Hope you can respond soon, much appreciated.


  6. Hi Erich,
    That is strange. In order to investigate this problem, can you please send me stripped down version of the project file? you can find a link to my email address at the right bottom of this blog.

  7. Erich,

    The problem was with multiple phases in the model. I have revised the plugin to address multiple phases issue. You can download the latest version from the links above or Download area. Thanks for flagging this up.

  8. Rahul

    This is a fantastic little add on for Revit. It overcomes what appears to be a little known issue within Revit. Thanks for updating the software to deal with multiple phases and many thanks for all your assistance.

    5 stars from me.


  9. All,

    This app is packaged in BOLT-ONS 2014 so will not be updated as a stand alone app anymore. Please visit http://revitstickynotes.blogspot.co.uk/p/bolt-ons.html for more details.

  10. Hello,
    I was trying to download 2013 version, but it says "Page Not Found". How can i get the 2013 version? Thanks.

  11. Visit download page to download 2013 version.

  12. Rahul

    On a hospital with over 4000 doors and up to 50 Revit modellers, this tool is invaluable!

    Another 5 stars from me.

    Thanks, Eldon