BOLT-ONS is a collection of Revit API tools developed to enhance efficiency in some day to day Revit tasks.

Read BOLTONS-2014-Readme.txt provided in the zip download first before you start using this tool. 

BOLT-ONS include following commands.

1)  Update Door From/To Room Information - Updates From/To Room information in door schedules

2) Occupancy Load Calculator - Calculates occupancy load for each Room and Area objects based on occupancy load factor specified

3) Custom Area Calculator - Calculates custom area for each Room and Area objects based on custom area factor specified - ***NEW in 2014

4) Room Sheet Generator - Generates Sheets for each room in an active project - ***NEW in 2014


This command is same as the one released as a standalone command last year. I simply packaged it in BOLOT-ONS. Read this blog post for how this command works. 


This command is same as the one released as a standalone command last year except this revised version now supports AREA and ROOM objects. Read this blog post for how this command works.

You will have to add "Occupancy Load Factor" and "Occupancy Load" shared parameters (instance) to both ROOM and AREA objects.


This is a new command. This command calculates 'custom area' based on actual area and custom area factor. This command supports ROOM and AREA objects.  Add "Custom Area" and "Custom Area Factor" shared parameters (instance) in ROOM and AREA objects. Read BOLTONS-2014-Readme.txt for more details.

NOTE: Calculated custom area value is not dynamically linked with other values so if you change area size or custom area factor then you will have to rerun this tool to update custom area values.


This is my favorite one in BOLT-ONS as this tool has a lot of potential to be used to generate punch lists, room data sheets etc.

This command generates a sheet per (placed) room object in an active project file and copies Room Name, Number, Level and Department information to the sheet objects (as long as you have equivalent shared parameters added to sheet and project). Also, generated sheets get name and number based on room name and number and the supplied sheet prefix.

When you run the tool, it will ask you to specific sheet number prefix and choose a title block family. You can use defalut sheet number prefix "RS" or specify your own. Select a title block family and click OK. I have tested this tool and it generates almost 1000 room sheets in 30 secs (of course depending on your pc spec).

You will have to add following shared parameters to your title block family and also the project file.
Once you add these parameters to your title block family, you can place them anywhere you like and the tool will copy Room values to these parameters. Read BOLTONS-2014-Readme.txt for more details.

TBL_Room Name [as Text type]
TBL_Room Number [as Text type]
TBL_Room Level [as Text type]
TBL_Department [as Text type]

Go to Download section to download your copy of BOLOT-ONS for free!

Please leave any comments and/or suggestions you may have in the comments section below.


  1. Rahul,
    This tool (or really set of tools) looks fantastic! Unfortunately I am still on Revit 2013. Can you post or send me the tools in 2013 versions? Thank you.


  2. Rahul,
    Nevermind my last comment... I found the individual tools for the older versions of Revit. Thank you for still having those out here.

  3. Rahul, Excellent tool, very well written. Just go on! .... It's easy to use and does the job well.

  4. Hi Rahul, After copying the .dll and .addin files, and modifying the .addin file, as instructed in the Readme file, I launched Revit 2014 and got the following error message from Revit:

    Revit cannot run the external application "BOLT-ONS". Contact the provider for assistance. Information they provided to Revit about their identity: Rahul Shah,


    Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\Windows\System32\BOLT_ONS_2014.dll' or one of its dependencies. Operation is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515)

    The location of the .dll file mentioned in the error message is correct. Can you shed any light on where I went wrong?


  5. Check that the .dll file is not locked. Select file in windows explorer and go to it's properties.

    Are you using 64bit operating system? This plugin was developed using Revit 64bit version.

  6. See Jeremy's blog post about this very matter.
    Just unblock BOLT-ONS.dll and it should work.

  7. thanks Rahul, very useful tool.

  8. Great work! Tried it one project and it worked perfectly. Tried it on a second and got the following error "Sheet Number is already in use. Enter a unique number."

    Any ideas?

    1. That is because the sheet number is already in use. As you know, Revit will not allow you to create two sheets with the same sheet number. Did you check that a sheet with the same sheet number already exist? If so, delete it and re run the tool.

  9. Rahul,
    I posted a comment here but I don't see it, so I'm reposting. I really admire your work. This plug in is a God send for me, but I wish you took it all the way. The way it is now, is incomplete in my opinion. I mean you took the time to create the workflow to read room data and convert into sheet data, but why stop at only room name and number ??? go all the way !! how about ALL room parameters ? project AND shared ? what about the furniture ? all the info IS INSIDE OF REVIT. You just need to read it and convert into sheet info.

  10. Thanks Basam for your positive comments.

    I agree, and as i said in my post above, the "Room Sheet" addin has a lot of potential but due to the time limitation I had to stop at some basic ROOM parameters only. If somebody wants to extend this into a professional version that includes everything/anything then I would be happy to discuss the business arrangement for it!

    You are right in saying that this addin can be extended to include any number of ROOM parameters and can be used to generate Room Data Sheets in Revit sheet format or export all parameters in an external WORD document report (which I have already done for limited number of ROOM parameters).

    Endless possibilities!!

  11. Business arrangement ? there is one already. It's called the Autodesk app exchange. If it saves me money and time, it may be worth buying.

  12. Thank you for great tools!!!.
    for occupancy load caculator, when occupant load factor is 0, occupancy load is not cacaulated properly. It stays with the previous number. Do you know how to make it work?

    Thank you!

    1. Hmmm...I need to check this and will get back to you.

  13. Any plans to update Bolt-Ons (Occupancy Load Calc) to Revit 2015???

  14. Any update on the Revit 2015 version of Bolt-Ons?

  15. Hi, I cant seem to the the bolts-on version to install. I keep getting the message 'Revit cannot run the external application "BOLT-ONS". Contact the provider for assistance.'

  16. Any update on when the 2015 version will be available


  17. Any update on the 2015 version?