Monday, 28 January 2013

Holy Grail

Forget BIM for FM or O&M. Here is the ultimate BIM for end users.

"Rio de Janeiro is mixing technology with tradition to provide tourists information about the city by embedding bar codes into the black and white mosaic sidewalks that are a symbol of the city."

"We use so much technology to pass information, this makes sense," he said, noting he'd seen QR codes on tourist sites in Portugal, where they were first used for this purpose. "It's the way we do things nowadays."  

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Level Of Alphabets

These days I come across so many 'Level Of.....' acronyms that It is difficult to remember them all. It is about a time for me to list them all somewhere so here it goes. Enjoy!

Feel free to leave your version of  'Level Of ....' under comments.

Level Of  Awareness
Level Of  BIM
Level Of  Completeness
Level Of  Detail (or Development)
Level Of  Engagement
Level Of  Functionality
Level Of  Granularity
Level Of  Hindrance
Level Of  Information
Level Of  Junk
Level Of  Knowledge
Level Of  Leverage
Level Of  Modelling
Level Of  Naivety
Level Of  Output
Level Of  Predictability
Level Of  Quality
Level Of  Resolution (or Reliance)
Level Of  Satisfaction
Level Of  Transparency
Level Of  Usage
Level Of  Viability
Level Of  Willingness
Level Of  X-factor
Level Of  Yelling
Level Of  Zen