Thursday, 19 July 2012

LRUG - BIM Execution Plan

Last night we at LRUG were fortunate enough to have a very insightful debate/discussion around BXP. I was privileged to lead the debate with my co-presenter Ray Purvis of Atkins.

Alan Wooldridge is going to upload video recordings of both sessions, Underground Drainage by Carl Collins of ARUP (another not to miss session) & BXP, at the early possiblity. Be sure to check out LRUG in next few of days. In the mean time click on the following image to download BXP presentation. Any comments would be much appreciated.


  1. great presentation rahul. thanks. 2 questions comes:
    - since when do you have the need for a BXP? I try to look at this from France POV and we're far behind....I want to be ready when time comes.
    - quality of BIM models coming from others: how to you judge them today? high mid or low quality? do you succeed in getting the right data at the right place?

    thanks again and take care.

  2. Hi Julien,
    BXP should be in place from day one or as soon as possible in any BIM project. The idea of BXP is to manage BIM expectations. Quality of BIM models is something you define in BXP in terms of LOD and data required. You then review models against these set BIM model requirements.
    Feel free to email me if you have any queries regarding this matter.