Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Design BIM to Construction BIM (to FM BIM) - MEP only for now

FABmep import for Revit MEP 2013 is now available on Autodesk Labs. If you are a (Revit)MEP user then please provide your feedback via Labs web portal or Labs official blogs (you know who I am talking about!) on how this round tripping BIM, Design to Fabrication and Fabrication to Design/FM, can benefit you/your client. Do you require any fabrication related INFORMATION attached to geometry for record as-built model or FM models?

"The FABmep Import for Revit MEP is a free technology preview that enables users to import Autodesk Fabrication FABmep models into Autodesk Revit MEP® software, providing round-tripping capabilities for as-built/record drawing purposes. The import is intended to support geometry ‘only’ and does not maintain design or fabrication information."


This technology preview is only available for Revit MEP/FABmep only at the moment but one can relate this to almost all disciplines, Revit ARCH/STR and Inventor?? Some of the underlying questions behind this kind of technology initiatives that we are trying to answer are:

- How do we transfer Design BIM to Construction BIM to FM BIM?
- What is the transition PROCESS and who is responsible for what part of the BIM?
-  What kind of geometric data and INFORMATION data should be transferred from one BIM to another throughout the process?
- And finally, where do we stop?

I am sure you will find plenty of discussions/presentations around this very subject but this is still a grey area that the industry is yet to get some clarity on. Here in the UK we see lot of efforts put in by the UK government to address this very subject under some national BIM standards/framework.

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