Monday, 9 January 2012

Split Segment Section - Scope Box - Object Visibility

A discussion at Revitforum led me to investigate this matter. Currently, there is a *feature* in Revit that's causing object visibility issue with split segment sections and scope boxe applied. See images below. Image 1 shows plan view with all section lines and Image 2 shows how Sections 2,3, and 5 looks with original section segment passing through the staircase. I attach a short video for brief explanation. Sections 1 & 4 are empty.

Conclusion: If you draw your original section line passing through the stairs, in this case, and keep a segment of the original section line passing through the stairs then stairs would appear when you apply section box. The reason why I have to draw section from right to left in this test is to keep the segment of the original section passing through stairs.


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  1. I have found another split section issue. I wonder if you have any ideas about this one? See post on RevitForum: