Sunday, 29 January 2012

Calculate Rentable Area

***Update - 04/06/2013 : This app is packaged into BOLT-ONS and renamed as Custom Area Calculator. Please use BOLT-ONS to access this command in Revit 2014, which supports ROOM and AREA objects.

In my previous post I submitted a solution on calculating occupancy load and populating the calculated values into a shared paramter in order to include it into schedule and tags.

Continuing with "Calculate..." series this time the solution presented here calculates rentable area (or call it what you like) based on rentable area factor provided by user.

Please download the plugin from the following link.

NOTE: Calculated rentable area value is not dynamically linked with other values so if you change area size or rentable area factor then you will have to rerun this tool to update rentable area value. Please read Readme.txt file contained in the zip file for more information.

**DOWNLOAD - Revit 2012**
**DOWNLOAD - Revit 2013**
** Currently this plugin works with Revit AREA object only.**


  1. Hello Rahul,
    I just wanted to thank you for this addin that will help some of my colleagues. It definitely should be a native Revit feature.
    I have a question about populating calculated value in a shared parameter to tag: to your knowledge, is it only available for room objects, or a addin for every object that as the appropriate parameters could be done?
    Thank for your time, have a nice day

    1. Thanks Julien for your kind words and I am glad this plugin will help your colleagues.

      This plugin works with AREA object only, and not ROOM. However, ROOM object could be added to this plugin.

      Calculated value in a shared parameter to tag could be done to any category permitted by API.


  2. Nice job Rahul you are revit easier. Can you update this for revit 2013?

  3. Thanks 'Unkonwn'. Revit 2013 is uploaded.

  4. Seems wonerful is there anyway around that revit can calculate the percentage of building area related to whole ground.(I am working on metric)

  5. All,

    This app is packaged into BOLT-ONS 2014 so will not be updated as a stand alone app anymore. Please visit for more details. In Revit 2014 version, it supports ROOM and AREA objects.