Saturday, 28 October 2017

Unsafe Construction Site

 To: Brent Council

Last week I was out in a local shopping area in Wembley, London and had to park my car near Montrose Crescent where Formation Group PLC construction site is in operation.

As I was approaching the car parking pay meter, which was located right adjacent to the site boundary, I was shocked to see a heavy material dangling from a crane exactly above the pay mater WITHOUT any pedestrian protection walkway. Seriously? I haven't seen a construction site with such a poor safety planning for pedestrians in my working life before.

I had to wait for almost 30mins until crane operation is finished so that I can go to the pay meter and pay for my car parking. Also, there is a very busy bus stop next to the pay meter where a lot of travelers wait for the buses throughout the whole day, WITHOUT any safety protection walkway in place and WITH heavy materials dangling above them. Shocking!

As a common sense when heavy materials or equipment are being hoisted, some kind of hazard prevention (either protection walkway or safety nets) is necessary to prevent exposure to hazards associated with any kind of problem with the hoist or fall of material. Can you please investigate this site and get necessary measures in place?

To: Formation Group PLC

I notice that you are running a 'Safe Crane Campaign' on this site. Clearly it isn't working for the pedestrians. Do you care to improve pedestrian safety on this site?

If so, It would be useful to have a protection walkway provided for pedestrians to prevent potential hazards.

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