Monday, 28 April 2014

End of Brookfield Multiplex Journey

As some of you (#UKBIMCrew) have already heard I have stepped down from my role at Brookfield Multiplex.

It's been a great time at Brookfield Multiplex working  on some of the most complex and quite challenging projects.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best construction professionals, leaders, and team mates during my time at Brookfield Multiplex. I was also privileged enough to engage with some of the best supply chain partners (designers as well as sub contractors) during my time with regards to collaborative BIM.

I thank Brookfield Multiplex for giving me amazing opportunities during my time. I have gained invaluable experience in terms of implementing BIM at the business level at such a large organization as well as integrating people at all levels. I wish everyone at Brookfield Multiplex and people I have worked with through Brookfield Multiplex all the very best.


  1. all the best for the following!

  2. Thanks Julien. Lets catch up when you are next in London.
    Hope all well at your end.