Thursday, 15 November 2012

Construction Phase Begins

No! I am not talking about any building site here. After spending almost 14 years in AE industry I am moving on to Construction(-BIM) phase in my creer.
Yes, I am thrilled to move on to construction BIM and get involved in the bigger BIM picture, from next week.

I remember those days when I was involved in Design-BIM and kept sighing thinking "I wish the contractor/client was BIM educated" OR "I wish BIM requirements were set out clearly by the contractor/client" etc.
Now I feel I can make the difference so that the 'Design-BIM Managers' engaged with this contractor/client wouldn't have to sigh, I hope!-;)

It's been amazing last two years at Woods Bagot working on one of the largest, post-GFC, mixed use tower projects in the heart of the city of London, 100 Bishopsgate, and few other quite challenging projects around the globe.
What makes Woods Bagot very positive and fulfilling place to work for is their people and projects. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best designers, leaders, and team mates during my time here. I thank Woods Bagot for giving me amazing opportunities during my time and supporting my move to 'Construciton BIM'. My special thanks to Woods Bagot global design technology team for their continuous support and inspiration, to 100 Bishopsgate team at Woods Bagot and Allies and Morrison for their continuous support and cooperation during the project, and finally Woods Bagot London studio management for giving me all the opportunities. I wish everyone at Woods Bagot and people I have worked with through Woods Bagot all the very best.