Friday, 3 August 2012

BIM (PIM) Data and Security

With all the excitement (yes, I am excited about this) and curiosity around BIM (PIM for that matter) in the cloud, how safe our BIM data is going to be? The latest player in the "race for BIM in the cloud" is Newforma with M-SIX. Recently, Gehry Technologies announced acquisition of Bimshare, to offer (BIM) data sharing solution that provides the easiest way to upload and share 3D models online through browsers on desktop or mobile devices. Autodesk has also launched BIM360 and acquired Vela Systems recently. In addition to these big players, we have Artra, FM:BIM, and other players we may not be aware of.

With this major push/rush towards data in the cloud, have you ever thought about how safe your BIM data is going to be? With an increase in "state sponsored espionage" this is even more serious than we think, especially when we don't know in which country our data resides.

Martyn Day of DEVELOP3D looks at the issue of viruses that steal Design IP.

"...This month we had ‘news’ from ESET security software developers that it had found a virus specifically written for AutoCAD that had infected computers in Peru and emailed thousands of DWG files of the design back to web servers in China..."

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  1. seriously?? a virus 'specifically' written for AutoCAD?? how important is it in today's world for architects of today and tomorrow to have some knowledge of programming?