Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Room Area Variance Analysis

Back in 2009 I worked on a project that required to show which rooms are over or under area requriements / client brief. They wanted to show this graphically as well in schedule.

Also, the project manager wanted to show rooms by area difference percentage range, 0 to 10% area difference, over 10% area diference, 0 to -10% area difference, and below -10% area difference.

There isn't OOB Revit solution to achieve this so I ended up delveoping a little API tool to achieve this.
Please see results below. I will upload the API tool on this blog soon. Stay tuned!

Also, David Light of HOK has published a related post on HOK BIM solution. His requirement was slightly simple so he is using OOB Revit functionality for conditional formating in schedules.

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  1. Hi Rahul,

    great ides - I'm working on something where it would be great to have your API solution. Are you still going to provide the API as announced here?