Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Revit IFC Plugin by Geometry Gym

Jon Mirstchin at Geometry Gym is working on a very interesting/useful plugin for Rhino/Grasshopper users who want to collaborate with Revit via IFC!

Please see his blog post here. I highly recommend you visit his blog and give your feedback on this development. He would welcome constructive feedback to help him progress his development further.

image courtesy Geometry Gym

IFC is clearly gaining a momentum in the AEC industry as an open standard software neutral file format so having IFC export from Rhino is clearly a big advantage for companies who use Rhino/Grasshopper for early design/analysis and want to integrate that data into documentation phase into a tool such as Revit. Lately from what I have seen and experimenting with IFC, I am becoming a big fan of IFC for data exchange between 3D/BIM tools.

From UK government BIM maturity level model point of view, IFC is clearly going to be part of integrated BIM at Level 3 and hence will have bigger role in BIM output/deliverables.

image from UK Government BIM strategy document
 Visit BuildingSmart website to learn more about IFC.

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